Hydrology Engineering Services

Blank Lehrer Consulting Engineers Ltd.  is currently leading a joint soil engineering and hydrology expertise venture. Our venture partner is AGT Belgium under the directorship of Mr. Jos Van Steenwinkel.

Jos, as many people in Israel know, is a top international hydrology expert.

Jos leads projects worldwide and the best known in Israel include Young Towers, Azrieli Towers, Recital H. Tower, the Dead Sea Protection Barrier and the Amot - Machlevot Towers.

In recent years we have encountered several projects requiring geotechnical and hydrological design solutions and have decided to join forces with one of the most renowned experts in the field so that our clients may be offered the most definitive and integrated one stop solutions.

Integration will ease work processes and synchronisation between the two disciplines, and facilitate the production of an optimal economical engineering design.

We are now able to offer hydrological services including detailed construction dewatering design.

Our clients may now benefit from the distinct advantage of obtaining the entire design process involving both disciplines from a single leading source. Nonetheless, our clients are under no obligation to seek both services from us.

Clients are naturally free to obtain soil services exclusive of hydrology services and vice versa.

Also, costing for each service shall be carried out separately.

We look forward to obtaining your response to this idea and would naturally be happy to tender our proposal for any project.

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