Blank Lehrer- Our Credo

At Blank-Lehrer engineers we believe in providing sophisticated professional geotechnical engineering service. The company emphasizes modernization and all-encompassing prompt service to its clients.

We aspire to continue to lead in the geotechnical field in significant and complicated projects, to continuously update ourselves about research and technological innovations in our professions and to contribute in developing technical innovations in design and construction in Israel.

This aspiration is realized by integration of many years experience with openness and adoption of modern analysis methods and building systems.

For our Staff, we work at providing fertile ground for professional study and advancement and we encourage independence and free expression of ideas.

For our customers, we ensure close cooperation and continuos supervision, by highly proffesional senior engineers.

The Blank-Lehrer staff believes in working in complete cooperation with entrepreneurs and designers while emphasizing an understanding of both engineering and economic requirements.

Close ties with clients, extensive professional experience and innovation permit us to provide the best engineering services and consultation.


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